Telenor is Rebranding Talkshawk with New Advertising Theme


Telenor Pakistan announced to rebrand their Talkshawk package with new tag line and themes. The new tag line is named as “Sacha Saath”, and it will be replaced by “Sachi Yari”, Sub Pa Bahri. Telenor is continually make over their Talkshawk brand after some time. Sachi Yari tag line of Telenor became so popular and even their competitors used in their own advertisements for taunting Telenor. Telenor is also occasionally changes their Djuice tag line.

Telenor Pakistan’s corporate punch line is Karo Mumkin and it will remain intact, but for Talkshawk it will be “Sacha Saath” for new advertising themes such as new logo, new jingle, Packaging etc.

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