“The Wall”- Samsung’s 146 inch Smart TV is about to Come


Where all the mobile manufacturing companies are in the race of launching new mobile sets and tries to introduce different innovation, Samsung introduces a giant Television. It unveils 146 inches smart TV with the name of “The Wall”. Samsung has introduced the world’s first modular TV in a huge size which will bring your entertainment to the next level. This is made of multiple LED screens and joins them to create a single big picture.

Millions of tiny LEDs have been used to create a perfect image on to the screen. The price of this amazing upcoming innovation of Samsung has not been announced yet. Here are the few of unveiled features of this smart TV.

  • Micro LED TV
  • self-emitting technology
  • Modular-based structure
  • self-emitting Micro LEDs (SMD’s)
  • Infinite Contrast
  • Outstanding brightness

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