wi-tribe Launched wi-tribe TV Service


wi-tribe-TVwi-tribe Pakistan has launched an Internet TV services, in which wi-tribe customers after activation can watch high quality live streaming and  100+ high quality channels.

wi-tribe TV service is free for one month and you can watch local and international TV channels absolutely Free throughout September. After that from 1st October 2015, you will be charged Rs.150/month.

How to get wi-tribe TV?

Step 1: Watch online at http://tv.wi-tribe.pk/WiTribeTvLogin.xhtml or Download the app on your Android device. To download Android App Search wi-tribe TV in Google Play Store.

Step 2: Use your wi-tribe username and password to subscribe & enjoy!

  • Enjoy over 150 live TV channels for free* from the convenience of your Android phone
  • You can use your registered account to view live TV channels on 3 separate devices at the same time!
  • Save your favorite TV channels to gain quick access

*From 1st October 2015, you will be charged Rs.150/month

Update: The wi-tribe TV is named as wi netTV, and to download an Android application search via wi netTV and download for enjoying live TV. You can also watch online by visiting http://tv.wi-tribe.pk/WiTribeTvLogin.xhtml and after logging in you can get it on your desktop.

It is worth mentioning here, the PTCL smart TV application is also available in Google Play store, Apple store or you can watch on your PCs/ laptops. The PTCL smart TV offering 150 TV channels in just Rs.50/month. And you can oay directly if you don’t have any other PTCL service earlier. You need to load Rs.50 in given number and use it freely. If you are CharJI or broadband user of 4MB connection than you can get smart tv application service free for specific time period.

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