Zong 3G Packages: All in one place


Zong has been providing the best mobile internet packages for quite some time now, and when it comes to Zong 3G packages, They have absolutely no match!

It is a well established fact that currently Zong is best 3G/4G internet provider all across Pakistan. Whether you are living in a city well established or you are living in the rural areas, Zong internet is the best when it comes to speed and reliability.

The best part about Zong 3G packages is that they are affordable and reliable. You will get full value for your money!

We have compiled a list of all the 3G internet packages of Zong along with other relevant details to make things easier for you.

Zong 3G Internet Packages:

So, lets begin.

Zong 3G Daily packages

Package Volume Validity Price
Daily Basic 100 MB 1 day Rs. 15
Daily data max 500 MB 1 day Rs. 35
Day time offer 1 GB 4am to 4pm Rs. 12
Good night offer 1 GB 1am to 9am Rs. 6

How to Activate:

To activate Daily package dial *6464# and then choose your desired package.

To check data usage dial *102#

Zong 3G Weekly bundles:

Package Volume Validity Price
Weekly premium 700 MB 7 days Rs. 70
Super weekly 2 GB 7 days Rs. 100

Dial *6464# for tarrif activation menu.

To check data usage dial *102#

Zong 3G monthly internet Packages:

Package Volume Validity Price
Monthly mini 150 150 MB 30 days Rs. 50
Monthly basic 500 500 MB 30 days Rs. 150
Monthly premium 2 GB 30 days Rs. 300
Monthly premium 6GB 6 GB + 1 GB every night from 1am to 9am 30 days Rs. 600
Monthly premium 10GB 10 GB 30 days Rs. 1800
Monthly premium plus 20 GB 30 days Rs. 3500

For activation, dial *6464#

To check data usage dial *102#

Zong Social media Packages:

Zong has given some great 3G internet packages just for using social media and the prices are very reasonable. Socializing has never been so easy…

Social pack:

Package Volume Validity Price
Social pack (only for Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp) 100 MB 1 Day Rs. 10


Classified pack:

Package Volume Validity Price
Classified pack 50 MB 1 Day Rs. 5

This package is just for surfing Daraz,Lamudi,Kaymu,Carmudi and Packwheels.

Daily social media packages:

Package Volume Validity Price
Facebook daily 50 MB 1 Day Rs. 5
Twitter daily 20 MB 1 Day Rs. 2
Whatsapp daily 300 MB 1 Day Rs. 15


To activate any of the above package, dial *6464# and then select your desired package.

In case you use all the available MBs of the your Zong 3G internet package, you can use this command to buy add-on.

Add-on Volume Price Activation
Basic add-on 100 MB Rs. 10 Sms “ba” to 6464


Zong All In One offers:

In case you like minutes, SMS and internet MBs all in one package, then don’t worry. Zong has got your back.

Zong also offers some astonishing packages in which you will get free on net minutes, off net minutes, SMS and internet MBs withing a reasonable price.

All in one Weekly Package:

Package Balance req. On net minutes Off net minutes SMS Internet MBs Validity Activation code
All in one weekly  Rs. 114 500 min. 40 min. 500 500 7 days *6464# >4 >1


Zong All in one Monthly bundles:

Package Balance req. On net minutes Off net minutes SMS Internet MBs Validity Activation code
Monthly 500  Rs. 500 1500 min. 150 min. 1500 1500 30 days *6464# >4 >2
Monthly 599 Rs. 599 Unlimited     ——- Unlimited (500 per day) 2 GB 30 days SMS home1 to 6565


Monthly 799 Rs. 799 unlimited     ——- Unlimited (500 per day) 4 GB 30 days SMS home2 to 6565



We have tried to gather all the Zong 3G packages in one place and we will keep updating this article as soon as any new offer comes around.