Zong Brings LycaMobile Call Package to 14 Countries


LycaMobile , a virtual mobile network operator that operates independently in many countries by purchasing the mobile network services in bulk and than sell it on their own rates and Zong announced to launch a low rate call bundle in 14 countries. Now Zong customers can talk to LycaMobile numbers with best prices and at the same time if you are using LycaMobile number than you can talk to Zong numbers with their own package plan.lyca-blue-circle

From Zong to LycaMobile:

Offered Destinations:

Sr. No Countries Country Codes Dialing Pattern
1 Austria 436886 8800436886
2 Belgium 324 8800324
3 Denmark 45 880045
4 USA 1 88001
5 Germany 491521 8800491521
6 Ireland 353899 8800353899
7 Netherlands 3168 88003168
8 Norway 47 880047
9 Portugal 35192 880035192
10 Romania 407 8800407
11 Spain 346 8800346
12 Sweden 467 8800467
13 Switzerland 41779 880041779
14 United Kingdom 4474 88004474
  • Subscription Code By dialing *678#
  • Subscription Charges Rs. 20 + tax/month
  • Dialing Format Dial 88 before the desired LYCA Mobile number

Business Rules:

  • This offer is available for both prepaid & postpaid customers
  • Customer need to dial *678# for the activation of offer
  • This offer is available on Lyca numbers only. Calls to other operators should be charged as per standard IDD tariff
  • Calls to Lyca number should be dial with prefix “88”. Calls will not be free if dialed without prefix and will be charged as per standard IDD tariff
  • Lyca customer also need to activate the off by dialing *139*151515# in all countries except USA to receive free calls
  • Outgoing call charges to other countries , satellite and premium numbers will be as per standard tariff
  • This promotion will be automatically subscribed if customer maintains sufficient balance (at least PKR 24/-) on 30th day
  • For deactivation customer dial *678# and select the option for un-subscription

From LycaMobile to Zong:

And if you are using LycaMobile number and you can make calls to Zong numbers in Pakistan or purchase bundle for Zong number.

Free calls from Pakistan (ZONG network only)
Now your friends and family can call you with 0 Rs/min
Plan: Free minutes for your friends and family (only from Zong): How to Buy: Cost for you:
ZONG S 300 Minutes *139*151515# £5
ZONG M 650 Minutes *139*151516# £10

Dialling format to make free calls: 88 and your mobile number with country code E.G. 88004474XXXXXXXX

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