Zong has Introduced Cloud Clinik for Health Solutions


Zong has introduced flagship product in the health care sector. It is a first of its kind online platform that connects patients with doctors. Moreover, Zong Cloud Clinik is a first most cloud-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Practice Management Solution in Pakistan.

Zong’s Cloud Clinik Provides Cloud-based Healthcare Solutions

Cloud Clinik, Zong has Introduced Cloud Clinik for Health Solutions

Moreover, it is aimed to Practice Management Solution for primary healthcare with a focus on growing economies. Furthermore, it will make healthcare facilities paper-free. It handles both medical and dental workflows and is also fully compliant with local regulatory requirements.
Let us discuss its basic features, benefits and how to subscribe to this service.

• Features

1. ‘Pay Per Use’ subscription model
2. It can be used on any device
3. Moreover, it is secure and easy to adopt
4. It allows patient registration and patient referral
5. Above all, it offers online & assisted appointments with SMS/email tracking
6. Billing and insurance
7. Moreover, you can search for the best doctor
8. Other workflow services such as e-prescription, lab results, diagnostics, templates and order sets

• Benefits

1. No Upfront Investment
2. ‘Pay Per Use’ Subscription Model
3. Reduces No Shows
4. Morever, it empowers ‘Online’ Patient
5. Minimizes Prescription Errors
6. Use on Any Device
7. Secure & Easy to Adopt
8. Improves Patient Care

• Target Industry Segments

  1. Government
  2. Healthcare
  3. Insurance

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