Zong MBB Internet Packages for Wingle,MiFi & Mobile WiFi|2019


MBB, Zong MBB Internet Packages for Wingle,MiFi & Mobile WiFi|2019Zong offering differnet internet devices for Mobile BroadBand which includes, Zong Super 3G Wingle, Zong Super 3G Dongle, Zong 4G LTE Wingle, Zong Super 3G MiFi, Zong Super 3G Router and Zong 4G Mobile Wifi.

All devices comes up with different initial bundles and with with different market price but, the monthly and 3 month bundles are same on all devices.

These bundle can only be activated on Data SIM that comes up with these devices it can’t be activated on normal SIM.

Monthly Bundles

Bundle* Bundle Price Bundle Validity
Monthly 10GB Rs. 800 1 Month
Monthly 24GB Rs. 1,500 1 Month
Monthly 50GB Rs. 2,000 1 Month
Monthly 100GB Rs. 3,800 1 Month
Monthly 150GB Rs. 5,000 1 Month
Monthly 200GB Rs. 6,000 1 Month

3 Month Bundles

Bundle* Bundle Price Bundle Validity
10GB/Month Rs. 2,300 3 Months
24GB/Month Rs. 4,000 3 Months


Add-On Price
2GB Rs. 250
5GB Rs. 450

To Activate: Dial *6767# from your master Number.

Update: From 20th January 2017, Zong announced to increase the tariff of 50GB bundle. Now you can get this bundle in Rs.2500/month.


  1. hi guys
    i want to give you good news

    Zong MBB Sim. ( Zong 4G/3G DATA SIM / Internet Only Sim )

    you can enjoy
    1500/24GB ( you can get this from 2nd month )

    or 4000/144GB for 3 month ( 48GB each month ) and after that 1500pkg monthly

    FREE of Cost Sim.

    150 Rs TCS.


  2. A Fraud with a seller.
    A person from this group order me ZONG MBB and he asked me to deliver it to Kachehri Chowk Rawalpindi. as per order i went there and bio metrically verify a MBB sim and loaded 1500 rs. for a monthly package. his name was Farrukh ejaz and CNIC 3740535958843. he said i need to use nearest ATM for cash. i said ok …….after 30 min i called him on his cell no 03235088435 he said bhai just a min me aya….and after 1 hour i called him but no response.. i change number but he did not pick my call. NOW what he did he went to Adyala ZONG franchise and asked them that i just purchase NEW MBB ZONG device and i lost my SIM so they blocked original SIM that was with me and issued a new sim to that guy. after that i went to ZONG office and they said you lost it.he was a Fraud we are sorry we can’t do anything.
    after some struggle i find his detail and i just want to warn you guys. May be my effort will next time save you or your friend.
    as per CNIC 3740535958843
    NAME Farrukh Ejaz.
    Cell 03235088435
    Address 1= House No CB1664 Street no 6 Jhanda Chichi Rawalpindi.
    2nd address= House no F242 mohallah new Katarian.
    DATE 27/09/2016
    Khuda k Lia khud bhi in jeso se Bacho or Logo ko bhi Share karo

  3. If you are paying high then expect high quality internet connection
    4G LTE WINGLE and mifi high speed
    6 month 10,000 Rs. (every month 50G)
    3 month 4000 Rs. (every month 24GB)
    50GB/2500 monthly
    25GB/1500 monthly

    USB 2000 4G WIFI
    Rechargeable 4G WIFI 3000

    sirf RAWALPINDI aur Islamabad Customers K lia.

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