Zong Rise Sixer Offer Tariff From Rs.6 to Rs.8



Zong Sixer Offer,  in which zong custom can talk to other zong numbers from 6am to 6pm for just Rs. 6+tax is now changed to Rs. 8+tax/day and customers will also get free SMS.

Zong Rs. 6 Offer:

The offer will enable its subscribers to make free Zong to Zong calls from 6am till 6pm nationwide


Effective from 21st August 2015, subscription price of Sixer Offer will be Rs 8+tax. In addition to Unlimited Zong to Zong calls from 6 AM to 6 PM, Sixer customers will also get Unlimited SMS.
How to Activate:


How to De-activate

Unsub to 666111

How will I be charged


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