Zong Showing Fake 4G Covered Area Map


According to Zong 4G coverage map they are covering the vicinity of Islamabad. And according to their 4G coverage map it shows they have almost complete coverage of 4G at ”Bhara Kahu”, Islamabad.

But things are opposite of it, at Bhara Kahu there are only 3G coverage of Zong which are available in most parts but not complete coverage. But Zong showing on their map they have also 4G coverage. However, at this place there are no 4G coverage. There are few signals of 4G at area closed to Quaid-e-Azam University. That comes from somewhere covered area out of Bhara kahu.

Zong should show the original coverage area on their website so that the customers can know their genuine coverage. This is one example highlighted by our visitor and we have confirmed it before publishing. And there might be other places which Zong are showing as 3G/4G covered area but in original it isn’t. If we fully zoom the map than it splits the coverage area and non covered area. But most of the area are green and showed as covered but originally there are no 4G signals as per now.

Zong 4G Coverage Map

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