Zong Stopped Rs.300 Super Load Offer


Bad news for all Zong customer’s those are using All in one Monthly Rs.300 bundle or Super load of Rs.300. From 20th May, 2016 Zong announced to stop that offer and after that Zong customers won’t get that bundle.

To enjoy All in one bundle, Zong customers can only rely on Weekly and Monthly Rs.500 load. Zong not only discontinued Rs.300 bundle but also increased the rate of All in one weekly bundle from Rs.100 to Rs.130 with an additional MBs.

Zong customer’s won’t be happy when they will found they can’t activate Rs.300 bundle. Previously, Zong increased the super load of Rs. 250 to Rs.300 and after few months they announced to cut off the offer. And they might be bring it back for just 15 days. In Rs.300 for one month they can’t handle the pressure and announced to stop that.

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