110,000 Android Phones are set to distribute to Farmers by Punjab Government

The Chief Minister of Pakistani has inaugurated the new scheme of distributing 110,000 Android mobile phones to farmers of Punjab. This scheme has been inaugurated on 13 March 2018 for bringing the agriculture to next level. The main purpose of distributing Android phones is to keep the farmers updated about the agriculture and the latest information about crops by the department.

The farmers will get updates about latest research of agriculture department plus ecosystem, latest production techniques, subsidies on agriculture inputs, market prices of different commodities. This scheme will help them in developing crops with new techniques and all the approved research would easily be transferred.

The Punjab Government has set up criteria for applying to the scheme; these android phones only are provided to the registered farmers of Punjab. Moreover, the tenants will have to pay Rs500 while the landowners will have to pay Rs100 to get the smartphone which is cheap enough in order to get the smartphone.

Not only this but along with smartphone Punjab Government also providing 1 GB free internet to the farmers to get latest updates about agriculture. This scheme has been inaugurated in Multan and will prove the best initiative for better agriculture. Punjab Government has collaborated with agriculture department and Telenor and develops the special agriculture-related apps services. These apps are easy to use and easy to understand for farmers and will help them in all their needs. With this smartphones farmers will be able to apply for agriculture loans through the PITB-led app that would eliminate patwari and bank agent culture, said the spokesperson.

Not only had this but Punjab Government started many of the schemes for the betterment of the province. These are the good steps and should be taken in rest of the departments as well.

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