4.5G Services Launched and Ready to be Operated


We have Good news for all, finally Wi tribe has launched 4.5G service first time in Pakistan.

Wi-tribe has announced the launch of 4.5G services, for the first time in Pakistan, which will be made operational by June 2017 in five cities of the country.(ISLAMABAD)

Wi-tribe had a $15 million contract and strategic partnership with China based Huawei for advanced upgrade of LTE in at least five cities including; Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi and Faisalabad.

1GB per second data can be delivered through this LTE-A equiment, whereas, LTE is capable to deliver only 300MB per second. Wi-Tribe would provide 100Mbps per connection right now and by the end of 2018, it is expected to be raised to 200Mbps.

By 2019, the industry is intended to deliver 400Mbps to its customers. Wi-Tribe was launched in Pakistan in 2009 and provides telecommunication services in five cities.

Earlier, when this contract was signed between Wi tribe and Huwaei, It was promised by them to deliver LTE services in Pakistan therefore fulfilling their promise now

Joint Statement from Hasan Bokhari HB Group Chairman and Owner of wi-tribe & Shahid Malik Chairman of the wi-tribe Advisory Board states,

“We are excited to formally announce that after taking a number of key strategic initiatives in recent months such as the $multi-million spectrum upgrade in August, we have now agreed a $15 million contract and long term strategic partnership with Huawei of China. This investment and partnership will secure Wi-tribe’s future as the leader in Pakistan’s fast changing fixed internet and technology market for the next 5+ years.”

Wi-tribe can be seen as the game changer and leader of this industry in upcoming period of a saturated market of broadband services. It has proposed and worked on delivering the fastest LTE services. The LTE equipment will be imported from Hong Kong. They planned to offer competitive packages with unparalleled technology, speed and reliability and best customer support to set in stone.

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