4G/3G/2G Auto Network Switching Problem in Zong


It’s not only with me, but verified from many friends those are Zong customer and using their data services. And it is tested on many places of Islamabad and Rawalpindi and verified from other cities as well. From mid range smartphones to high end smartphones problem exists on all devices and on many locations.  Tested on “zonginternet” APN as well as on other “cmpaktapn”.

The auto switch between LTE or 4G/3G/2G is not working properly on Zong network. If the customer are in 4G or 3G coverage and their network mode in smartphones are set to auto than they are still on 2G network or they set to only 3G/2G mode than they still facing problem in auto switching.

When the signals of 4G/3G are good and customer’s are getting full coverage of those , there should be auto switch, in low signal area there is obvious the phone use prioritize high signal strength first and use 2G if 3G/4G signals are low. But when there are complete coverage of LTE/3G than it should switch.

When Zong launched 4G/3G , they sold wrong SIM’s to hindered of customers with “CMPAK” cell info logo with not SIM Menu in it. That SIM’s doesn’t worked on 4G network and customer’s replaced it with new one. Recently PTA ranked Zong number 1 operator for 3G/4G network but to maintain that position they must focus on quality of their network. Otherwise when after few months Mobilink will launched their LTE services after merge with Warid that will create problems for them to retain their market share.

Below are the attached screenshot’s when the 3G signals are almost full but phone still using 2G on Zong network and we took screen shot by selecting only 3G mode to check the signal strength but when we switch back to auto mode, it moved back to 2G and customers need to switch their smartphones mode to “only 3G” for using better data services.zong auto switch 2g,3g,4g zong 2g/3g/4g auto switch

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