AliExpress 11.11 Sale;Bogus or Real

In last year AliBaba Group recorded $9.3 billion sales in just 24-hours during 11.11 Sale. This year AliExpress also started their pre-sale program to get ready for 11.11 sale 2015. The customers are getting coins by shaking their smartphone and playing Flip game by using those coins to get seller coupons or coins. Thousands of coupons have been grabbed by the customers and only few are left. There are different coupons which can be used on different price range of shopping.

If you are planning to buy from AliExpress on upcoming sale than be sure what amount you are paying. In original what the seller do is, they increase the prices of products and than show reduce or fake prices as for sale. But in original the price didn’t changed and the new user feel too much difference in price and they get fooled by the sellers. Let suppose the price of product are $5 and they increase the base price and reduce for sale. If the product cost $5 than they increase the price let suppose $10 and than show $5 for 11.11 sale. Those who are new to AliExpress thinks that they are actually getting the lowest price but in actual they are paying the original cost.

The majority of seller’s are doing and their are only few who originally take sale as serious and facilitate the customers. But to check who is original and who isn’t, you must check the prices and add products into your wishlist before sale time and note the price and you can feel the difference, how these Chinese seller’s are cheating you and showing fake prices to attract customers in the name of 11-11 sale. If you use coupons and pay more price of products than in the end you save nothing.

Sale 11.11 aliexpress

aliexpress 11 11 sale

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