Apple iOS 10.3.1 is finally ready to be Updated on iPhones


iOS 10.3.1 Upgraded

Apple just upgraded to iOS 10.3.1 purposefully to solve some iOS 10 problems and is currently testing iOS 10.3.2 beta right now and we’re getting very close to iOS 11. It is expected to get launch date for iOS 11very soon. Whereas the iOS 10.3.1 software update release note simply just says: “iOS 10.3.1 includes bug fixes and improves the security of your iPhone or iPad.” This iOS thus successfully updated.

 What does iOS 10.3.1 Update contains?

iOS 10.3.1 aimed to fix the problems that were caused by iOS 10.3.Just after releasing iOS 10.3, It was necessary for Apple to take it out from the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c. iOS 10.3.1 luckily fixed the problem of iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c which are being faced by Apple as confirmed by AppleInsider. Recalling that iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c were last iPhone models are having a 32-bit processor (Apple A6 system on a chip). But the iPhone 5s has a 64-bit processor therefore company has faced no problem in case of this model. It is being under consideration to fix bugs and resolve the problems.

For iOS 10.3, it was in our knowledge that Apple was dropping support for 32-bit apps. Apple is initiating new features as one step ahead, it will be showing a popup dialog box once a 32-bit app is opened which will be like: “This app will not work with future versions of iOS. The developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility.” Apple has already started phasing out 32-bit support for the last week released iOS 10.3.2 beta, according to report.

Security Notes

Gal Beniamini of Google Project Zero stated in Apple’s security notes, which says that iOS 10.3.1 contains a fix for a Wi-Fi flaw. This flaw could have allowed “an attacker within range may be able to execute arbitrary code on the Wi-Fi chip.”

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