Aruba Mirza | Biography, Age, Dramas and More

Aruba Mirza is a talented Pakistani actress who might appear in supporting characters.

But also she always gives a powerful performance.

She is best known for her amazing performance in the blockbuster drama serial Rang Mahal.

Apart from this, she has appeared in many other superhit serials.

Aruba joined showbiz in 2014 and is the only one from her family to enter this world.

From playing negative roles to positive ones, she rules every character with grace.

She is also seen in comic roles and this shows her versatility.

This article is all about Aruba Mirza, her biography and her career details.

let’s figure out every fun fact about her.

      Name        Information
Actress name: Aruba Mirza
Career: Actress and Model
First Drama: Behkay Qadam
Popular Drama: Rang Mahal
Born On: 1st September
Lives In: Karachi and Islamabad
Debut: 2014
Relationship: Unmarried

Aruba Mirza

Aruba Mirza Biography

Aruba is a young and amazing actress of the showbiz industry who despite being in showbiz is still doing only supporting roles. however, whatever she does, she knows how to grace the screens. She started in 2014 and after 7 years, she has improved a lot. Coming from a non-artistic background, it wasn’t easy for her to establish herself.

However, she didn’t lose hope and made her valuable place in showbiz. She rose to fame after her role in the drama Rang Mahal that became the blockbuster of 2021. She is working on various other projects as well and we are eagerly waiting for her new role.

Aruba Mirza Age

She was born on 1st September in Islamabad. However, she is in Karachi due to her work.

Aruba Mirza Family

Her family has remained supportive throughout her career. She is the only one who chooses to be in the showbiz industry. She has a younger brother and younger sister who are still studying. Currently, Aruba is not married.


In 2014, Aruba was given an opportunity to show her acting skills in the drama Behkay Kadam in the supporting role. Later, she did many serials but every time she was given a supporting role only. She has sone every kind of role be it positive, negative or a comic one.

She has always given her best performance every time she appears on the screen. However, her negative acting has always been best and she is mostly seen in such types of roles. Currently, she did an amazing job in the blockbuster drama Rang Mahal.

Apart from this, there is a long list of plays where she did remarkably well and we are hoping to see her more acting on the screens because of her potential and capability.

Aruba Mirza dramas

Aruba Mirza Dramas

  • Behkay Qadam
  • Kambakht Tano
  • Babul Ka Angna
  • Kasak Rahay Gi
  • Mera Haq
  • Shahrukh Ki Saheliyan
  • Khuda Gawah
  • Batashay
  • Dolly Darling
  • Nazr e Bad
  • Sotan
  • Rang Mahal

She is currently busy doing the shooting of other projects as well. Even though she appears only in the side roles yet her charisma when she appears on the screen can’t be ignored. We wish her all the best and waiting for her other performances.

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