ARY Network Announced to Take Over BOL TV


wpid-940302-bol-1439903434-359-640x480.jpgARY Digital Network CEO Mr. Salman Iqbal said that they are taking over the management of BOL TV and from now onward the BOL TV will be managed by the ARY group. 

He further said that the main aim of taking over is to on air the transmission of BOL TV. BOL TV already launched their test and than forced transmission but due to their parent company fake degrees scandal, PEMRA not allowing it on cable and other networks until complete of investigation. Due to that crisis BOL TV employees were under pressure and not getting their salaries.

After take over Mr. Salman Iqbal said that the main purpose of take over is to secure the future of BOL TV employees.

It’s not clear whether this take over is permanent or for just to brings BOl TV on air,  so that they face the challenge well and after that they will be able to manage it and they have a proper forum to defend themselves.

It’s worth to mention here, ARY was the only news channel,  that didn’t create hype on fake degrees scandal. The GEO TV,  Express Group and Dunya News was the main players and highlighted it with biased reporting for their own purpose and to secure their own future and employees.

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