Asia Cup 2023 Super Four: Teams, Schedule and Venues

Asia Cup 2023 Super Four are confirmed after a thrilling match between Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. We finally have the top 4 teams in Asia, although Afghanistan did a fantastic job and came very close to being one of the top four teams in Asia.

Pakistan, India and Bangladesh had already qualified for it and it is down to the wire between Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. Afghanistan made a valiant effort but fell short just by 2 runs. Had they won the match in 37.1 overs, they would have qualified for the Super Four category.

Teams Qualified for Asia Cup 2023 Super Four

The four teams who have qualified for the Asia Cup 2023 Super Four are often called the giants of Asia. While all major Asian teams are sitting comfortably in the top team of the world in the One Day International Cricket Ranking, the Asia Cup top 4 looks a little different.

Asia Cup

The four teams that have qualified for the next round of Asia Cup 2023 are:

  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • Sri Lanka

Nepal failed to win any of their matches and so did Afghanistan.

Schedule and Venue for the Matches

Here is the schedule and Venue for the matches in the next phase of the Asia Cup. Each qualified team will play three matches each with the other teams. The top of these matches will then play the final. The fans all over the world are hoping for a Pakistan vs. India Final, but only time will tell.

Here are the schedule and venues for the next matches.

  • Sept 6 – Pakistan vs. Bangladesh in Lahore at 2:30 pm (PST)
  • Sept 9 – Sri Lanka vs. Bangladesh in Colombo at 2:30 pm (PST)
  • Sept 10 – Pakistan vs. India in Colombo at 2:30 pm (PST)
  • Sept 12 – India vs. Sri Lanka in Colombo at 2:30 pm (PST)
  • Sept 14 – Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka in Colombo at 2:30 pm (PST)
  • Sept 15 – India vs. Bangladesh in Colombo at 2:30 pm (PST)

The final of the Asia Cup will be played in Colombo on 17th September at 2:30 PM PST.

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Controversy Regarding Location of Super Four Matches

Earlier today, Jay Shah, the President of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), created a stir in the context of the Asia Cup 2023. It was revealed that the Super 4 matches would indeed take place in Colombo, as originally planned, rather than in Hambantota.

Just yesterday, the ACC announced a change in plans, relocating all Super 4 matches of the Asia Cup 2023 to Hambantota due to an extended period of anticipated rainfall in Colombo spanning the next 15 days.

This decision was made after a thorough examination of the weather forecast and the potential disruptions rain could bring to the matches. The communication of this decision was conveyed to all members of the ACC under the leadership of Jay Shah via email.

However, shortly thereafter, the ACC reversed its decision, stating that the matches would indeed proceed in Colombo as originally planned. Simultaneously, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) expressed discontent with the ACC’s unilateral choice and has urgently requested a meeting to address the situation.

The PCB is grappling with logistical challenges due to the abrupt change in venue for the Asia Cup 2023 matches. Additionally, players are feeling uneasy due to the lack of clarity regarding the upcoming matches.

Jay Shah, who also serves as the secretary of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), was previously involved in making last-minute alterations to the ICC World Cup 2023 schedule, which drew criticism from the cricketing community.

Rabia Tanveer
Rabia Tanveer
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