Best 3G/4G Internet Networks in Pakistan


If you are concerned about 3G or 4G internet networks, then you should read this post because we are going to provide you with the brief details about the companies that are offering 4G or 3G internet services in Pakistan. Moreover, we will also discuss how effective and best their service is.

Let us enlist the best internet service providing companies


According to us the company that comes in the first place is none other than Zong. Zong has turned out to be more popular and abundantly enhanced Telecommunication Company over a couple of years. Moreover, Zong is the best internet data network in Pakistan. Besides this, Zong is the first most company to introduce 4G internet services in Pakistan. However, being the first and being the best is the title that sets to the company’s reputation.

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Jazz (Warid)

Ever since Warid and Mobilink have merged, their service has become more proficient. Now, Jazz is amongst those companies which are providing best Call & SMS packages to their customers. Moreover, if we talk about their internet service, Jazz comes to the second place in the list of best internet service providers. Jazz has the second best 4G internet service in Pakistan.

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Ufone has also maintained its status amongst the best internet service providers. Ufone is also offering its 4G Internet services in most of the cities of Pakistan. Whereas, Ufone’s 3G internet service is also one the best service you can enjoy. It gives much best performance than other networks.

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Telenor has satisfied its customers regarding Call & SMS packages and network. However, Telenor has not much satisfactory performance when it comes to 4G internet service. Telenor has started its 4G internet services about a year ago and thus it is not that much effective yet. However, according to the network users, Telenor is not meeting their criteria.

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