Best Bikes Under Rs.50,000 in Pakistan

If you are looking to buy a bike in near future with a budget of 50,000, then you must have a look at this article as it will help you to spend your money wisely. The best bikes currently available in Pakistan fewer than 50,000 comprises of the following brands:


It would be right to say that DYL Dhoom YD-70 stands out as the best among its rivals in the country as they provide you comfort, durability, and style within an affordable price range of 47,000 to 49,000. It has the best mileage among the other 70CC bikes as it has an air-cooled SOHC engine which makes it consume less fuel and provide better performance. Road performance and high resale value of DYL Dhoom YD-70 are the reason which makes it stand at the top of the list of customer’s priority. DYL Dhoom YD-70 is a very economical and durable bike which is best in quality.


Unique is undoubtedly the most selling brand of bike in Pakistan as they provide best quality motorcycle under reasonable price to be precise 44,000 to 48,000 is all what a Unique UD 70 bike cost. It is considered to be the reliable and a brand whom you can trust. The other best thing about it is its resale price is very good and one can access its spare parts very easily. It is basically a Euro II technology and its fuel consumption is also very low irrespective of the routes. It is graphically very well designed and seems very stylish. It will be a wise decision to buy it as it’s no matter less in any way from other 70 CC bikes present in the market.


Super Power is another brand which is quite popular among the masses due to its innovation like they provide you a mobile charging option, present in their meter which none other brands ever has offered. The other special feature of Super Power bikes is the strong shock absorber which makes the ride of the rider very smooth. The price range of Super Power SP 70 lies within the range of 40,000 to 44,000.Other than the mention features all other specifications and fundamentals are quite similar to other bikes present in the market.


If you are a beginner and new rider of the bike than you must try Pak Hero as it provides the best stability and its handling is quite easier compare to other brands. Within the price range of 38,000 to 42,000, the Pak Hero is not a bad package at all as it is considered as one of the best bikes when it comes to durability. It has many customers around the country and they are very much satisfied with its performance. It comes with a good mileage and a solid frame which results in reliability and long lifespan. The other special thing about this economically best bike is that due to high demand it has a great resale value too.


Crown motorcycle is a trusted name and since the launch of their Crown Jazba 70, it is very much making buzz as they are providing good quality bike within the price range of 38,000 to 42,000. The special feature is their creative designed which takes care of your back and ensures that rider never felt any pain no matter how long he rides it. It gives great mileage and nice grip on the road. Its engine is totally smoke-free which the reason for its high performance is basically. The overall design of Crown Jazba 70 is very much pleasant and especially the speedometer is something which should be mention. Overall it is a wise decision to buy the Crown Jazba 70 as it has all the feature to satisfy its customer.

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