Best & Cheap 32 Inch LED TV’s To Buy in Pakistan

Purchasing a new 32 Inch LED TV is kind of a long investment. Due to this reason, one has to be very choosy about it. There are numerous LED TVs of different companies are available in the market. Each has diverse features the than the other one as well as price range. Many Pakistani people are not able to invest too much in a new LED TV. For this reason, we are here to provide you the list of three best and cheap 32 Inch LED TV’s to buy in Pakistan. Isn’t it amazing? Each of these has coolest features which make them worth buying. Have a look:

1. Eco Star 32u561

Eco-Star is one of the best local brands of home appliances in Pakistan. It has a good reputation in the market for offering top quality products at a nominal price. The weight of this 32 Inch LED TV is about 4 kg and the price is quite nominal i.e. 18970 rupees.

2. Panasonic D310M

Panasonic is a brand that does not require any sort of introduction. In case you are searching for a LED TV that has hottest features but the price is low then you must think about Panasonic D310M. The weight of Panasonic D310M is about 4.1 KG. It has a bit higher price than the Eco-Star 32u561 i.e. 21648 rupees. The best part about this 32 Inch LED TV is that you could easily connect different media devices to it at the same time as it contains 2 USB ports and 2 HDMI.

3. Orient L4132

Orient is one of the trusted brands in Pakistan. You can easily purchase this LED TV without getting worried about its quality. This 32 Inch LED TV also contains 2 USB ports and 2 HDMI. Therefore, you can easily use multiple media devices all at once. It has the same weight as the Panasonic D310M i.e. 4.1 KG. However, the price is different that is 21650 rupees.

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