Beware! Charges You More Than Double


Not only HomeShopping their are many other online stores whose rates are different as compared to actual market price. Some product prices are kept low and some have high according to the availability and demand of the product.

But when the price of original branded products are different and the store owners are charging and looting those customers who didn’t know the actual price and don’t want to search market before buying. The blind trust injects them in way of huge price difference.

Few days back i saved myself from paying more than double to,  i was looking for Galaxy S6 Edge and found it on homeshopping and the price are placed at their page are Rs. 62,990 without any warranty and the price with official warranty are Rs.78,990.

But the fact is this price is not accurate as compared to market price and this store is charging more. The original price of Galaxy S6 Edge is Rs.66,500 with official Green Tech warranty. On some retail outlets it costs Rs. 67,000 but the price with warranty stay in between Rs. 66,000 to 67,500 depends upon the shopkeepers and without warranty it costs in between Rs. 59,000 to 61,000.

It is very unfortunate to see the attitude of customer relation officer at homeshopping. When i point out the price issue in their comments section and i asked him why they are charging more when price got reduced almost 20 days ago. And i mentioned the actual price in my comment but, when i see after approval of comment, my comment was edited and the actual price and all other information was removed. I didn’t post any website link in my comment and that was general to let know all others.

The fact of matter is, don’t trust blindly on any online store. First check the market price and availability, If the well reputed store is doing this kind of joke than rest can do anything. The attitude of their online relationship officer caused them huge loss to retain and to attract the potential customers.

Below are the attached images of the highly priced product and there are obviously many more to cover.



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