Shahroz Sabzwari & Komal Aziz in Bisat-e-Dil Drama| Teaser is Here

New Drama Serial Bisat-e-Dil Will be On Air in Next Month on Hum TV!!!

Pakistani drama industry is making many new projects with talented and skilled people. All are working very hard to raise the drama industry at global level. A latest drama serial that is under progress is Bisat-e-Dil. Two most famous actors are playing the lead roles in this drama serial. The upcoming project is an MD Production for Hum TV and will have an ensemble star cast including Komal Aziz and Shahroz Sabzwari. Many other stars are also included in drama serial Bisat-e-Dil who worked in many recent projects and got fame. This drama serial is a Bollywood film according to Shahroz. Bisaat-e-Dil is directed by Ali Masud and the script is written by Farhat Ishtiaq. It has a unique story as Shahroz would play the role of a wadera’s son, Saeen Shah Nawaz. The teaser is here that shows a new story and many ups & down in this drama serial. It would be on air from next month on HUM TV. So, don’t miss to watch a new drama of this season. The details and teaser is here for the fans of these two excellent actors.

New Drama Serial Bisat-e-Dil


A very handsome and talented Shahroz Sabzwari with a very nice and pretty girl Komal Aziz would show in new drama serial Bisat-e-Dil. The teaser has been released and the drama would be on air on HUM TV in next month. It has a new story with many pivotal characters.

Cast of Bisat-e-Dil

All the pivotal characters of this drama serial are as follows:

  • Shahroz Sabzwari
  • Komal Aziz
  • Nausheen Ahmed
  • Imran Ashraf
  • Beenish Raja
  • Tauqeer Nasir
  • Haris Waheed

Story of Bisat-e-Dil

According to Shahroz this drama is like a Bollywood Film that based on many stories. Shahroz’s character is of a wadera and would play the role of a wadera’s son whose name is Saeen Shah Nawaz. He goes to the city and becomes a city boy, then he loves education and want to change his perceptions. He worked in three different capacities and he liked his character very much.


On the other hand teaser also shows Komal Aziz see the dreams of a man who has lot of wealth. So will she end up with Shah Nawaz or not is what we wait to see. It seems like a love triangle which if executed between Shahroz and Komal. All actors are doing their best and due to this Bisat-e-Dill would be an amazing project of this year.

Director & Writer

The new drama serial Bisaat-e-Dil is directed by Ali Masud and the script is written by one of the most famous and talented Farhat Ishtiaq. Both worked so well and would present such a real story of traditions for viewers.

On Air Details

Bisat-e-Dil would be on air from next month (November) on Hum TV. So wait a little more for some real traditional feels in this mega project.

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