Careem and Rishta Aunty, Whats the Deal?

Careem introduced their services in Pakistan a couple of years back and has proven to be extremely useful and handy for the general public. Apart from their services, Careem’s marketing team is dope too. They’ve done everything to stay relevant and seek attention, succeeding every single time.
The marketing team at Careem always comes up with something unique (and strange) idea and has managed to keep the tradition alive.
The public took it over social media when they were greeted by a notification stating “Your Rishta has arrived “. I mean come on; anyone could go bonkers upon seeing such a notification without any follow up or stuff.

While you can expect Careem to offer some promos, discounts, tweaks or other features, ‘Rishta Aunty’ is a feature that wouldn’t have crossed our minds at all, but guess what, it’s here.
To be honest, it actually is as bizarre as it sounds. You can actually select Rishta Aunty in the car type and book a ride. Next, you’ll be accompanied by a professional Rishta Aunty throughout your ride. You can tell her your preferences and she’ll get back to you with a suitable rishta.

This service is only available in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad for now and you can only avail it from 12 in the afternoon to 10 PM.
Here’s what the head of public affairs at Careem had to say about it.

We are actively involved in not only providing the best service to our users but also promoting customer engagement. We’d noticed that rishtas are a popular topic of discussion among our more senior users. So we’ve launched this service in order to help the younger people find a right match. For this purpose we’ve taken professional Rishta Aunties on-board. During the ride people can tell the aunty their preferences and the Aunty will later get in touch with them with a suitable rishta.”


The public reacted to this service in the most hilarious manner and here’re the best reactions out of them.



While Careem has always managed to surprise us with bizarre marketing tactics, this one is the most interesting idea out of them. We’re yet to see if this idea progresses or ends up as a disaster.

Rafay Khurram
Rafay Khurram
Just another guy with a knack for technology and current affairs. Started blogging back in 2015 and currently a student at Lahore University of Management Sciences.
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