Clothing Brands to Look Forward in October

Very recently I have been hooked up with different artistic and vibrant collections launched by the famous clothing brands like Generations, Ego and m.i.m.i. Since, October in Karachi is a little humid yet an initial point of the most awaited fall season it’s time we, young ladies freshen up our wardrobes for the next 2.5 months of 2016. Following are the details of these newly introduced collections:

Generation’s Misri Collection:8/10 in terms of Formal Wear

It’s a beautiful formal-wear collection which includes printed patch frocks, gold belts, gorgeously embellished kotis and vests, azure tops with trending bell sleeves and basic line saris. Though, these outfits can’t be worn casually however they’re perfect for the next wedding you’re planning to attend in fall season. The best part about this collection is its way of depicting self-expression of womanhood in Pakistan, and the brand also managed to represent our exciting culture really well.

All Black Everything By EGO: 7.5/10 in terms of Casual Wear

EGO’s latest black wear collection managed to nail the universal fashion trend of “All Black Everything” in a desi way.The brand achieved to promote it at the right time of the year, as a lot of our Shia fellows will look forward to buying black shalwar kameez. But it’s not just perfect for a Muharram worn, but also a piece of bliss for someone who is utterly obsessed with black color.

Chic Western Collection by m.i.m.i: 9/10 in terms of Western Wear

Currently, I have been following a new page on Instagram namely @mimibymariam, and I was literally obsessed by the clothing this brand offers. It’s a collection of classically timeless  yet affordable Western pieces as relative to other major international Western wear brands  like Mango, Debenhams and NEXT. I really urge you to check out her collection if you love to wear minimalistic and chic western wear.

Here’s the link to her instagram account: While, the link of m.i.m.i’s Facebook Page:

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