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WhatsApp just like Instagram is rolling out a new feature which will let users to unsend the messages once they have been sent. Either it is a group chat or individual chat, you can delete already sent messages. However to avail this feature, the WhatsApp messenger of the sender and receiver of the message must be upgraded to its latest version.

Moreover, the sender can delete message within the seven minutes of message being sent. After seven minutes sender will not be able to delete the message.  However, the receiver of the message will come to know that message has been deleted by the sender as instead of original message, receiver will get “this message was deleted” message.

The feature is useful when you have sent message to the wrong person. The newly rolled out feature will prevent users from getting shameful in front of others due to wrong or un ethical messages being sent to them. To avail this feature, users simply have to tap and hold the message they want to un send and then choose delete. In group chat, sender can choose delete for everyone to delete message.

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If you come to see “This message was deleted” in your chat with someone, this means sender of message has removed the message after sending you. WhatsApp FAQ revealed: “In order for messages to be successfully deleted for everyone, both you and your recipient must be using the latest version of WhatsApp for Android, iPhone or Windows Phone.”

As feature is not launched yet, according to some sources it is proving to be very slow. The feature will be available for every kind of messages for example, text, images and videos. However, receiver of message may take the screenshot of your messages before you delete it, so be careful before sending the message.

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