Pakistani Drama Serial Bandish will On Air on 21th January 2019 on ARY Digital

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Pakistan Drama Industry is making those projects that are more common in our society nowadays. Many producers like to show the real issue of our country and society as well. In this regard many drama serials have been made as Udaari, Sammi, Beti, Meri Guria and many others. Now one more Pakistani Drama Serial Bandish would be on air from January 21, 2019. Drama Serial Bandish would be shown on ARY Digital from (Monday) 8:00 to 10:00 PM. Some teasers of this serial just revealed on social media and people are waiting for its official release on TV. The Drama Serial Bandish is based on a very serious topic as Black Magic that is very common in our societies today. The main reasons behind Black Magic are jealousy and insecurity that exists in our society at a very high level. In unveiled teasers of Drama Serial Bandish it shows how a mother of three daughters is worried about them and how Black Magic affect them. Many brilliant actors and actresses are included in Drama Serial Bandish as Marina Khan, Sajid Hasan, Hira Mani, Zubab Rana are playing the major role in Aabis Raza’s serial. The complete details are described below.

Bandish on ARY Digital

Pakistan entertainment industry is working on many excellent projects from last few years. The work is not liked only in Pakistan but also in other countries. Many producers and writers work on real issues of our society. This time Pakistani Drama Industry would come on the TV Screen (Drama Serial Bandish) with another serious issue that is Black Magic. This bad thing has its presence in Pakistan and many people affected by this bad thing. In Drama Serial Bandish the producer try his best to show this serious issue, as how it affects the lives of others. The Drama Serial Bandish would be on air on January 21, 2019 only on ARY Digital from 8:00PM to 10:00PM.

Drama Serial Bandish

Cast of Drama Serial Bandish:

This Aabis Raza’s serial has many legendary cast and some of them are as follows:

  • Marina Khan
  • Sajid Hasan
  • Hira Mani
  • Zubab Rana

The main reason of black magic is of jealousy and insecurity that still exists in our society. The teasers of Bandish show that how a mother of three daughters is being worried about them.

Many other Pakistani Drama Serials are getting more fame and popularity by the viewers and Ranjha Ranjha Kardi is also one of them. This serial also on aired this year and got much popularity by the audience.

Teasers of Drama Serial Bandish

The teasers of Drama Serial Bandish show that when the proposal of a pilot comes for her daughter and boy wants to talk with girl in privacy then girl starts to act and speak in a strange way as she is possessed.

Another teaser depicts the same girl as a bride and all set for her Nikkah ceremony. When the cleric asks her whether she accepts or not, she gets seizure. Her mother gets up and try to hide her daughter’s disease.

The next teaser is about her little girl which goes for her exams. Her mother gives her good wishes and prayers so that she will perform well in exams. When she sits for exam, something happens with her and she fully forget everything that she learned. After this, she only draws lines on her paper.

The fourth teaser of Drama Serial Bandish depicts the mother which comes to her living room that has two doors. As she entered in her room she hears her daughter on both doors crying for help. She tries to open the doors but she couldn’t open them. With full helplessness she started to recite Quran. After this the camera moves into the daughter’s room showing that she is sitting on a couch using her cell phone with a smile.

A bad person in all these teasers also shown performing the steps of black magic.  So, the Drama Serial Bandish looks very scary and we all are waiting it very excitedly. It would be on air on January 21, 2019. So don’t forget to watch this drama as it is very serious issue of our society nowadays.

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