Registration of complaints without human inference:

E-Police Desk system, an excellent high tech presented by Islamabad police for enrollment of complaints with no human interference, settled through quick action.

The new system introduced first time in Pakistan

Islamabad police chief said they had presented the E-Police Desk system for the first time in Pakistan’s history, which is furnished with modern ideas, creation, and technology. He also admired SSP (Operations) Dr. Syed Mustafa Tanweer’s attempts over his endless efforts to present this new system in which no human connection is needed.

Benefits of the system

He further said that in case of any emergency, incident, and mishap residents can get advantage from the E-Police Desk system as individuals have no need to visit police headquarters and meet anybody for registration of complaints. Moreover, the residents can register reports there, following which staff at the police call center would reach them for quick redress and guide them.

E-Police Desk system


The IGP said residents would need to scan their NIC or type NIC number on the E-Police Desk system, following which complete information would show. He likewise respected the job of the IT branch of ICT Police. He added that the emergency phone number is set at the desk, and residents can submit the complaints by calling at Police Call Center.

Islamabad police committed to encouraging residents

He further said that all the more such demonstrators with such e-police desks would set up all through the region, and residents may register their objections. In conclusion, the police are committed to encouraging residents, and further such steps would take in the future.

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