The Exceptional CAMON 18 Series: The Best Camera Phone Among the Rest

TECNO mobile, the top-tier smartphone brand in Pakistan, has the latest series which go by the name of “Camon 18”. Though all of this brand’s series are elegant, some of them are unique in their specs, and these newly released CAMON 18 series with their triple cameras, are noteworthy. As this article compares the features of these series, you can count on it if you’re looking forward to knowing which one of these series you should buy.

CAMON 18 Premier

With its triple rear camera setup, this device is a marvel of this series. Though all the Camon 18 series come with a triple camera on the rear, the camera features of the Camon 18 Premier stand out from the rest, making the device a prominent and outstanding choice for photography enthusiasts.

The device comes with a 32MP front camera along with a dual flash for capturing the real you. The three cameras on the rear have their own qualities. The device features a 64MP main camera on the rear, and as the company calls it an ultra-sensing camera, you can get incredible portraits with it.

The second camera of the device is a 12MP stabilized gimbal camera that enables you to capture perfect, clear, and sharp images. If you’re walking, cycling, or running, or want to capture something that’s moving, this camera with gimbal steady saves you from capturing shaking images. Film Master is a feature of this gimbal camera. It’s for the first time that the TECNO mobile has introduced this remarkable feature in their series.

The device also features an 8MP 5x periscope as the 3rd camera. Moreover, making its camera features even more appealing, the device also has a 60x mixed hyper zoom that enables you to get a detailed closer look at a scene. And, you can capture stunning, clear, and up close pictures with its Super Moon Mode.

Having a 6.67 inch big display, an AMOLED screen type, and 4750mAh battery, Camon 18 Premier is available in two impressive colors: ocean moonlight and summer breeze. Furthermore, the device features a G96 fast processor, 120Hz refresh, and 8GB+256GB of ROM/RAM.

Camon 18 P

This device also features remarkable cameras. But, apart from the triple camera on the rear, the device’s performance is noteworthy. With its 6.8 inch big display, LCD screen type, and three iconic colors: dusk grey, iris purple, and ceramic white, this device has added to the elegancy of the series.

Moreover, the device has a G96 fast processor, 120Hz refresh, 8GB+128GB of ROM/RAM, and a 5000mAh battery. As far as the camera features of the device are concerned, it has a 16MP front camera and a main 48MP ultra clear camera. Camon 18 P also features a second camera which is a 2MP depth camera, whereas, the device’s third camera is 13MP 50MM Portrait.

Apart from that, by enabling the features of 30x hyper zoom and Film Master in this device, TECNO Pakistan has gifted this youth a device capable of providing pro-photography features.

Camon 18 T

It’s the last, but not at all least, in Tecno’s series of Camon 18. As with the above two devices, this device is also a camera phone. Its front camera and the main camera on the rear both are 48MP. Its second camera is also a 2MP depth-sensing camera and its third camera is an AI one.

The device comes with a G85 fast processor, 4GB+128GB of ROM/RAM, 60Hz refresh, and a 5000mAh battery. With its LCD screen type and 6.8 inch big display, Camon 18 T is available in three enchanting colors, namely dusk grey, iris purple, and ceramic white. So, this device could be the best choice for those who are simply looking forward to upgrading their smartphones with decent photography specs.

The Bottom Line

The three devices in the Camon 18 series are outstanding in their own way. Their camera features enable you to capture photographs like a pro and you can choose device that you desire.


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