Experiment Goes Wrong – iPhone Battery Explodes on Face


Recently we have heard news of iPhone battery slow down issue on which Apple apologized and introduced the battery replacement way out. In the start, the battery cost $79 which decreased to $29 and users who suffered from battery slow down issue went to markets to replace them. According to Taiwan News a guy who went to replace its iPhone battery, bite it to check whether it’s genuine or not. The battery gets explodes on his face right after biting it.

God knows who suggest him this way of checking the battery but this experiment goes wrong. According to news, the man from China was lucky who didn’t get any serious injury and was safely escaped.

His bite caused a catastrophic rupture in the case of battery and gets explode. This is now the public service message that “don’t bite smartphone’s battery” at all that the lithium-ion battery will behave like this if you grip it into your teeth so better beware. Not specifically iPhone battery but you should avoid biting all smartphone battery.


The incident got captured in the CCTV camera of the store which might let you avoid doing the same thing. Previously there was Samsung battery fire issue due to various reasons but we should avoid doing such experiments on our own as we don’t know how the devices would react.

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