Facebook Announces “Messenger Kids” for Android Users


As Facebook is the part of our daily lifestyle and we all so an on use it to check out the feeds and to pass time. Many of others use it as an addiction because they like to scroll up and down. So, the kids have been also using the Facebook which sometimes tenses the parents. Many of the parents don’t want them to chat with any person they don’t know or they don’t have the parental access on to their Facebook activities. For the check on to the kids, Facebook has launched the Messenger kids especially designed according to the kids.

To make the account on to the messenger they don’t need any email address or phone number but they need to log in from the account of someone adult from their side or maybe parents.

The parents will have the access to check the activities of their kids; they can delete or add some contact or chat. If their kids block or report someone they also can get the notification in their account from where they kid made its account. In this kid’s app, Facebook has added the kid’s related emojis, GIFs, and stickers for their fun.

Previously, this application is available for iOS and Amazon Fire tablets users and now they have launched it for all Android users. So, parents now don’t need to worry about who their kids are talking to and with which person they are talking to. The kids are now safe and secure under the observation of parents with the help of this kid app.

Josh Golin, the CCFC’s Executive Director said, “Younger children simply aren’t ready developmentally for social media. An extensive body of research shows that excessive use of social media is harmful to teens, and younger children are even less equipped to deal with its interpersonal challenges and the addictive lure.”

So, download this app for your kids and make a secure account along with your access.

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