Facebook Started Clean Up Process of Blasphemous Content


Facebook has started clean up process for blasphemous content posted. On Monday, In Islamabad High Court the case is discussed where Interior Ministry stated that As per Pakistan’s request Facebook administration began their process of removing such blasphemous content from site and now they have almost done with 85% removal of blasphemous content.

Interior Secretary Arif Khan reported that Facebook had responded to their letter and showed its willingness to remove content deemed blasphemous. He also notified that 27 Muslim countries ambassadors’ board are in connection with federal government to resolve the issue and evidently three persons are arrested, found involved in case.

Moreover he said that two of them are arrested with evidences as when the Law enforcers probe into case they have also found blasphemous content from laptops and mobile devices of suspects. Still the case is under investigation, he added.

When asked why the ambassador of the country from where the offence originated was not summoned, the interior secretary responded: “Our embassy in Washington has also taken up the matter [with the US government].” He emphasized that Facebook should not be banned because it is “not the solution of the problem”.

On the other hand, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Chairman Ismael Shah said a team is continuously working online to search blasphemous content. The team is including 25 members that has up till now processed against such 40 pages. He further added that Facebook administration seriously taken up the matter also “assured to comply with our demand”.

“Facebook agreeing to our demands is a big achievement,” the PTA chief said.

IHC Chief Justice Shaukat Siddiqui responded with applause for the government fto taken a serious step as they hosted a meeting of 27 envoys of Muslims countries in order to resolve the matter.

However Justice Siddiqui was not comfortable with the performance of the information ministry therefore he ordered IT Minister Anusha Rehman to answer that Why still the issue is left unsolved?

Next hearing of the case is decided to be on March 31. The court commanded all parties to come with their progress report

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