Facebook is to Launch WhatsApp Business App


Probably no one is unaware of the great and most used application WhatsApp which have been launched by Facebook. In no time WhatsApp made a great revolution and every person who uses smartphone avail the benefits of this application. Whatsapp not only used for communication with friends and others by free messages and calls but people also use it for their business promotion.

The WhatsApp groups help a lot in this matter to convey the proper information about products to the participants. Recently, we have heard news of the modification of WhatsApp groups in which the participants can promote themselves as an admin and the admin can be deleted by them too. Currently, no one can delete the admin and he has the powers of deleting and adding participants. However, through this update in WhatsApp, the group chats will be more interesting and easier.

Meanwhile, Facebook is now introducing another version which is called WhatsApp business app. This will be available on Google play store to download it soon. This application will allow the users to promote their business to participants on regular basis and let them aware of updates easily. However, this would be working in limited countries at the start to check the response then will be updating all over, it will be working in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States and soon reach to Pakistan.

This upcoming WhatsApp business app will have several features to make business smoother:

  • Option to create business profiles
  • Enabling customers to receive useful information
  • The participants will be updated by business description, email or store addresses, and website.
  • Quick replies
  • greeting messages
  • Away messages
  • Messaging Statistics
  • WhatsApp Web
  • Account Type

The regular WhatsApp don’t have all of these features which could help users to promote their work. Another important point to mention that Facebook dint mentioned this update for iOS yet but only for Android, probably announces this in future.

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