Ferrari Cars in Pakistan – Review and Pictures

Ferrari is one of those car makers that has been renowned all over the world for their high-performance beautiful cars. Ferrari was a dream of Enzo Ferrari, an Italian automaker, who treated Ferrari cars as his pieces of art, rather than a machine. Ferrari Company was founded by Enzo in 1929 as Scuderia Ferrari. Ferrari’s real aim was to produce race cars and take part in motor racing. But to sustain this activity, he had to start making road cars as well. The income from those road cars was used to fund the racing activities of the interior

Ferrari cars have a certain allure to them. Speed freaks and auto enthusiasts have always made big money for the pleasure of owning Ferrari cars. And Pakistanis are no exception. We can safely say that one of the most imported cars in Pakistan is a Ferrari. You might have seen a few if you live in any of Pakistan’s bigger cities. Ferrari cars in Pakistan are equally loved and wanted. Auto enthusiasts have bought and imported many Ferraris in Pakistan. There is a handful or Ferrari 360 cars imported to Pakistan. Other than that, there is a couple of amazing looking Ferrari 599 cars as well. The red Ferrari 430 from Faisalabad is quite famous in its own right. And it is not just about new Ferraris. Since people have been importing Ferrari for a long time now, you will find classic Ferraris at the locally organized cars shows as well.

PakWheels Auto Show is a great example of those shows where classic cars are just as prominent as old cars. Testarossa, a Ferrari car in Pakistan is well loved and desired. They were also imported to Pakistan at the time they were launched. And top them all, one of the classic Ferraris and most loved one is a Ferrari 250 GT Lusso. The Lussowas recently sold to the highest bidder for astonishing PKR 11 crore. Needless to say, Ferrari in Pakistan is not as strange as you might it is. They are widely loved and sought after.

ferrari in pakistan

Ferraris have always been bought and sold at a very high price. They are very exclusive cars. Ferrari has spent a lot of time and effort to turn their name into an asset, and not just a car maker. ferrari picsThey release limited numbers of their most exclusive cars, like Ferrari Enzo, a vicious hyper car named after the founder of Ferrari Company. Then there was Ferrari FXX, a thoroughbred race car designed just be driven on race tracks. And recently Ferrari LaFerrari, a V12 engine hybrid car. All these cars and few others are only made in limited numbers and are only sold to important people around the world. Not anyone with money can buy them. Deadmau5, a Canadian DJ, once changed the logo on his personal Ferrari car, and Ferrari was so distressed over it that they took the car back from him. 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO broke the record for being the most expensive car in the world in 2012 when it was sold for USD 38,115,000 at an auction.

Ferrari brings a rich heritage along with it when you buy one. And one of that aspect of heritage in its racing history. Enzo Ferrari’s main mission was to take part in the auto racing, making exclusive road cars was just a side business. Ferrari is the most successful team in Formula One. It has won 16 World Constructors Championships and 15 World Driver’s Championships.

Anyone who owns a Ferrari is one of the lucky few. They should realize that by owning a Ferrari car, they are not just owning a great driving machine, but a piece of automotive heritage and history as well.

By: PakWheels.Com

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