Free Android Games for Limited Time

We have a lot of Android game lovers around us, who usually pay for their favorite games. Here is good news for them that they can now have their favorite games absolutely free on Google Play store. These all games have different sales time which we are going to mention below.

These games could be of different genre and types; you can install all of them to avail the free offer as these offers are for limited time. Do check the expiry information before installing any of the game to make sure you are availing the free offer. Google used to introduce different freebie offers for its game lovers to add more spice to their entertainment. So, if you are a game lover too then is in touch to get yourself updated about Google freebie offers in time.

  • Square – Sale ends in: 4 days
  • Stickman Legends: Shadow Wars – no date is mentioned
  • Zombie Raid: Survival – no date is mentioned
  • Farm and Click – Idle Farming Clicker – Sale ends in: 5 days
  • AceSpeeder3 – Sale ends in: 6 days
  • Dragonslayer – Sale ends in: 3 days

This sale starts from 8th of January and the expiry dates are mentioned. For not mentioned dates you can confirm from Google Play store before downloading it. So, let’s hurry and grab this amazing offer and download all free games to satisfy your game playing craving.

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