Now get Nayatel 30Mbps Unlimited Internet Bundle for video streaming


What is Nayatel New Internet Bundle?

Nayatel came up with a fascinating offer for its streaming lover customers. Nayatel introduces its new mind blowing offer “Unlimited Bundle Plus @ 30Mbps Speed.” This offer would be your priority if you watch videos on YouTube or Netflix. You just have to pay Rs. 399 monthly to download free videos at the speed of 30 Mbps.

Moreover, internet service provider has upgraded its already existing unlimited internet bundle working with the speed of 10Mbps at the cost of Rs. 200 monthly. This bundle was offered in April 2017. Due to the massive uptake of the bundle the company has upgraded with higher speeds and more innovative services. This bundle was also the eye catching and people availed that offer at huge extent.

For Which sites Nayatel New internet service is available?

However, newly introduced bundle will not deduct your data from your usual monthly plan. Newly introduced offer will be available for the following services:

  1. YouTube
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
  4. Netflix
  5. Google Drive
  6. Google Hangout
  7. Google Play Store

Terms of Service:

  1. Nayatel new unlimited internet offer is available only for the residents of twin cities (Islamabad & Rawalpindi).
  2. The speed of 30Mbps will only be applicable for the websites and applications mentioned above, for browsing other websites and applications current package volume will be used.
  3. The offer of unlimited volume will be applicable for the mentioned sites only.
  4. If due to any reason, account of the user is locked the newly introduced bundle will also be locked.

Method for Subscription:

Following are the easy steps you can follow in order to subscribe to the fascinating offer:

  1. Get Login to the Nayatel customer’s portal.
  2. Once login, click on the Unlimited Bundle Plus Button.
  3. Click on confirm button and enjoy the mind blowing offers.

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