All the Flight Operations of Gilgit Airport Shut Down by CAA


Gilgit Airport is Shut Down for Flight Operations from Sunday

The famous airport of Pakistan named Gilgit airport is shut down for flight operation. The airport was shut down because the administrative authorities have arrested the air traffic controller.Gilgit Airport

On Sunday, the notification has been issued to the Gilgit airport for shutting down its flight operation. The notification was issued by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The air traffic controller named Yasir Iqbal was arrested and he is the only ATC in the airport. The mismanagement of the district authority should take notice of this. The district authority asked for the compensation from civil aviation authority. They further arrested the traffic controller and after inquiry they release him. Iqbal was badly mistreated and he is requiring to resign from this. As he can’t perform his duties anymore.

The Reason of Shut Down:

The airport flight operation was shut down after the air traffic controller detained by authorities. There was a dispute between the District authority and CAA. The dispute starts when the airport administration shopped the trees from near the runway. The pilots of the airport said that;

They feel difficulty in the leading and running off the plane due to the tall trees near the runway. Moreover, eight of the ten pilots said that some miserable incident can happen due to tall trees. Especially the landing of the plane is at the core risk. Therefore, only eight to ten people are allowed to board Gilgit flight because there are high chances of the accident. The plan can crash into the tress due to overweight.

The authority takes the notice of the pilots’ complaints and chopped the trees surrounding the runway. However, CAA takes notice of this and issued a notification against the air flight controller. The CAA said that it is the responsibility of the district authority to chop the trees. So that, the unpleasant incidents can be prevented.

When Issue Will Resolve:

The director manager of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said that; they will soon resolve the compensation issue of the chopped trees. There is a strong hope that the issue will resolve soon. Because the Air Traffic Controller of the airport was released after few hours.

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