Girls’ Expectations Before & After Marriage

“I find my life a lot easier- the lower I keep my expectations”- Bill Watterson

When a girl gets married, she expects certain things from her marriage, whether it is from her husband, her in-laws or over all from her whole life after marriage. But expectations are not always meant to be met, and that’s what happens with most of the girls, unfortunately.

Here are a few things that almost all girls expect before marriage and what they really get!

The Love will remain the same

Girls expect their husbands to love them after marriage, the same way they love them before but in reality, it is only a matter of time that the passion dies, and the husband starts taking more interest in her wife’s friends than her wife.


Shopping, Shopping, and Shopping

Almost every girl loves shopping, everyone knows that, and she expects to do that, a lot, on her husband’s account.
But this dream also shatters and after a few initial months, she’ll be buying more grocery than clothes!


Romantic Dinners

An elegant expensive restaurant, Romantic slow music playing in the background, candles burning, no one but the two of them.But there won’t be the two of them, there will be three, that’s right, and after all why should her mother-in-law feel left out, right?


My house, my rules!

Only, it isn’t. Anytime she would try to change something either her husband won’t be happy or someone else. Because they aren’t used to change.


My cooking, the BEST!

If a girl is a good cook in her own home then it’s fair for her to expect the same in her new home but in reality, new house=new rules. Either the girl learns the new rules, or gets fed up, if the family is quite large, then probably the latter.


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