Good News Kids! Students will not Get Failed until Class 8


We are in the highly competitive ear where the syllabus is harder and competition is tougher. In Pakistani school system, they take final exams before summer vacations and kids spent all their vacations with the tension of result day. In case of failing the exam, they face tension and pressure in repeating the same class without friends who promote next standard. Punjab Education Foundation has made the new policy for partner’s schools, that they can’t fail any student from class Nursery to class one at all.

They made the policy Promotion and Demotion 2018 – 2019. According to this new policy schools, an authority will be responsible for any kind of negligence in this matter and the foundation need 100% passing result. From class 2 to class 8 they can just fail 5% of students if needed badly otherwise they have to promote the student to next standard.

Punjab Education Foundation released notices to all school, to operate this rule on to their schools and in case of any complaint the foundation will act against schools. They have made this new rule or policy just to release the pressure on to the students. This action of Punjab Education Foundation will let the students learn beyond the term of getting the title of fail and pass. It will be the real fundamental education reform and will bring changes to the education system and students.

This action will help in keeping the child away from demotivation and insult they feel from getting failed while their other friends are promoted to next class. This de-motivation discourages the child and they remind it forever and it also affects the academic career of the student. So, it’s better to educate them for the reason of learning despite the pressure.

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