HBL Konnect Mobile Account – Mobile Account, Konnect Shops| Complete Details

Everything You Need To Know About HBL Konnect Mobile Account or HBL Branch Less Banking…!

HBL Konnect Mobile Account is a branchless banking account linked to your mobile number by HBL. In HBL Konnect Mobile Account your mobile number will be your Konnect Account number. With this simple account you can easily make banking transactions. You can open HBL Konnect Mobile Account by visiting any Konnect Shops and HBL Biometric ATMs. A mobile app is also developed for this account named as Konnect Mobile App.

HBL Konnect Mobile Account (Features & Benefits)

HBL Konnect Mobile Account

If you want to open this account from HBL Bank then you can avail these benefits as:

  • Funds transfer
  • Bill payment
  • Mobile & Internet top-ups
  • Shopping at Konnect Shops
  • International home remittance
  • Donation and Zakat payment
  • Institutional payments
  • Loan repayments

HBL Konnect Mobile Account Opening Channels

You should must have a PTA registered SIM in your name and a valid CNIC to open your Konnect Account.

You can register for a Konnect Account through any of these following channels:

  • Konnect Mobile App
  • Konnect Shop
  • HBL Biometric ATM
  • SMS

1. Through Konnect Mobile App:

Simply go to the play store in your smartphone and type “Konnect Mobile App” in search bar. Now you can download and install the Konnect Mobile App in your smartphone. Register yourself for your Konnect Account through a secure and user friendly interface of this mobile app.

2. Through Konnect Shop:

Konnect Shops are spread across the Pakistan and offer you the services of banking and making payments. You may easily open a Konnect Account by visiting the nearest Konnect Shop. If you have a Konnect account holder then you can perform the following tasks as:

  • Account opening and up gradation at any Konnect Shop
  • Funds transfer
  • Bill payments
  • Mobile and Internet top-ups
  • Donation and Zakat payments

3. Through HBL Biometric ATM:

Now you have no need to stand in a queue and wait for your turn to open Konnect Account. Just visit any HBL Biometric ATM and open your HBL Konnect Mobile Account.

4. Through SMS:

SMS is the most easy and ideal banking channel for any banking transaction. Simply perform these tasks as:

  • Open account
  • View financial information
  • Verify agent authenticity

Types of Accounts for HBL Konnect Mobile Account

Mobile App

There are three types of accounts that are offered by Konnect as:

  • Level 0
  • Level 1
  • Level 2

HBL Konnect Mobile Account (Level 0)

This is the most simple or an entry level account and can be registered through Konnect Mobile App. Here are the limits of transactions and prices on daily, monthly and yearly basis.


Limits (PKR)

Daily transaction limit


Monthly transaction limit

Annual transaction limit


Account balance limit


HBL Konnect Mobile Account (Level 1)

It is a biometrically verified account with more transaction limits. You can visit an HBL Biometric ATM and register yourself by providing your biometric impression for validation.


Limits (PKR)

Daily transaction limit

Monthly transaction limit


Annual transaction limit

Account balance limit


HBL Konnect Mobile Account (Level 2)

  • It is a customized account which is available to only Konnect agents.
  • If you want to apply for a Level 2 account then call Konnect Customer Care at (021-111-425-111).

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