HEC Announced Scholarship for Pakistani Students

HEC (Higher Education Commission) notified that scholarships for Pakistani students have been announced by the Moroccan government.


HEC Scholarship Details

The AMCI (Moroccan Agency of International Cooperation) has announced scholarships for Pakistani students seeking admission to Public Institutes of Higher, Technical, & Vocational Education in Morocco for the academic year 2022–2023.  The HEC has set a deadline of 20th September, 2022 for the receipt of applications.

Terms and Conditions 

  1. Be a citizen of Pakistan or the AJK and a permanent resident of AJK/Pakistan. Holders of two nationalities are ineligible.
  2. By the commencement of the academic year in Sep/Oct 2023, the shortlisted scholars must be ready to begin their higher education in Moroccan universities.
  3. The candidate must meet the following requirements by the application deadline:
  • A minimum of twelve-years of education (A-level/FSC) for the undergraduate program, aged between 19 and 23.
  • For the Master’s program, a minimum of sixteen years of education in pertinent fields of study
  • Admission to the PhD program at the Moroccan University requires a minimum of eighteen years of education in the relevant discipline.
  1. All the other requirements specified by concerned Moroccan university must be met by applicants.
  2. There should be no such criminal record of candidate that resulted in suspension or expulsion from the Kingdom of Morocco.

Which Documents Are Required?

The following documents must be in the possession of the applicant who accepted into the French language training program run by their home country before they arrive in Morocco for the academic year 2022–2023:

  • a permanent visa (student visa)
  • Health certificate testifying that they vaccinated against contagious and infectious diseases, particularly Tuberculosis

What are the Language Requirements for this Scholarship?

French is the primary language of study, and only candidates who have demonstrated proficiency in the language authorized to travel to Morocco to pursue their training or scholarship in the French dialect at Moroccan Public institute for higher studies.

And it made clear that ‘no one will be able to apply for a scholarship without having demonstrated satisfactory mastery in the French language.’

Would HEC offer financial assistance for French language course?

Unfortunately, no one has access to such financial assistance. So, the applicant is responsible for covering all language-learning expenses.

Where to Send Application Forms?

Before 20th Sep, 2022, all candidates must send the printouts of their applications and supporting documents at the address provided below:

Foreign Funded Scholarships,

Scholarships Division, HEC

Sector H-9, Islamabad

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