How to Convert PDF to Zip and Download Files

a Creating PDF zip is pretty simple now with the natural assistance of a PDF to Zip converter. There are a wide array of solutions to make pdf as zip, but proceeding with one seems like a daunting task. Luckily, this informative context is designed to guide you on how to convert PDF to Zip for free of cost.

Why Convert PDF File to Zip?

If you have large PDF files, most email servers refuse to send them. For the ease of sharing and saving storage space, you need to convert your PDF files to a compressed zip document. This is where an online PDF to Zip converter by theonlineconverter takes place to convert pdf to zip archive files while maintaining the original formatting.

Wondershare PDFelement:

This is an authorized program that allows you to export PDF as zip file to easily share your file via emails. You can now quickly optimize the file size to the desired size while preserving the quality. Even this tool allows you to proceed with batch files processing while merging and converting PDF files. It assists you to upload files with unlimited sizes and even swiftly compress them to certain formats including word, excel, ppt, txt, epub, and other image formats.

Follow these steps to convert PDF to Zip:


  • Grab a copy of PDFelement and install it right now. Once done, make a click on the Open File icon to add the PDF file to compress. Very next, you need to hit the Open button that lets you
  • open the PDF file within this program
  • Prior to converting a PDF file, you should have to utilize the compressing your PDF file option. From the File menu, you have to click on the Optimize button. Now, an optimized window will be prompted. This is where you can adjust the settings from low to high quality. Then, you will come to know about the size and percentage according to which the PDF file has been compressed on the screen. Very next, you need to hit the Optimize button to compress the PDF in an instant
  • Once you optimize your PDF file to the desired size, share it directly using this program. Simply click on the given File button and scroll down to get the Share option. Now, select the Email option and this is where your file will be attached to the emailing app that you’re currently using. All you need to add the recipient mail address, subject and hit the send button

How to Convert PDF file to Zip on Windows?

You just ought to follow these easy to navigate steps to compress PDF to zip archive file on windows, let’s find them:


  • At first, you need to navigate to the folder or file that you would like to zip
  • Then, you ought to simply press and hold the file and choose Send To button, and then choose the Compressed Folder
  • The zipped folder that is loaded with the same name will be created in the same location. If you want to rename it, simply press and hold on to the Folder, select Rename, and type your new name

How to Convert PDF file to Zip Archive on Mac?

Converting PDF to zip on mac becomes handy with these steps, let’s follow them:


  • First, you need to just tap or control-clicking by using the two fingers and then simply opt to compress From the provided shortcut menu
  • And if you want to compress only a single file, you can see that the compressed file comes with the name of the actual item with the .zip extension. When compressing multiple items at a single go, the compressed file is said to be as Archive .zip.
  • Then, just double-click on the .zip file. Now, the unzipped item simply appears in the same folder as the .zip file. And, if you want, simply delete the .zip archive file

How to Convert PDF to Zip Online?

These ways assists you to turn PDF into Zip archive file online without any quality and formatting distortion.


This online web-based application provides you with the best PDFzip converter to upload different PDF files and convert them to Zip archive. You can make a couple of clicks to convert and compress PDF files to Zip documents eventually. No sign up required and even you can proceed with 100% free conversion with this online converter.

Just stick with these steps to save PDF as Zip archive:


  • At first, you need to open onlineconverterfree on your default browser. Once done, navigate to the Convert to Zip files page
  • Now, you ought to add a PDF file to this Zip converter. Then hit the Choose Files button to add and upload a PDF file for which you want to make a zip.
  • Then, make a selection for the output format as Zip prior to start the conversion process
  • You have done it all. Just click on the given Convert button to convert PDF to Zip button and
  • At last, it’s time to download the archived PDF file by clicking on the Download button and save it to your desired location


Winzip is indicated as the one-stop solution for converting PDF files to Zip online. Use this tool to make zip and manage your PDF document files. All you need to follow these steps to make zip files using WinZip:


  • First, simply open the WinZip. Navigate to the main toolbox section, choose the PDF documents that you decided to zip
  • Then, you need to click on the Add to Zip
  • Once you have done with all, save the Zip PDF file


It is another well-known and freeware utility that allows you to swiftly convert PDF to Zip archive file with its online converter. No matter how many PDF files you want to convert to Zip documents, all are exported with high quality. Apart from that, you can convert any files to and from PDFs for free of cost while preserving the original document quality.


  • Navigate with these steps to export PDF as archive zip file:
  • Just copy and past or add PDF files with suitable method
  • Then, make a click on the Convert button to start turning PDF into Zip
  • Finally, press the Download All button to save all the Zip archived PDF files at once


As the name reveals that this online web-based application allow you to convert PDF files to Zip archive, let’s follow the simple steps to do so:


  • Choose the PDF document files that you want to zip
  • Very next, you ought to choose the compression level by simply hitting on the down arrow which is next to the Convert to PDF
  • Make a click on the Convert to Zip button to commence the conversion process. Once PDF zipped, just hit the Save Zip File to store it on the local storage

Thankfully, you explored the best-proven ways regarding how to convert PDF to Zip and the easiest steps to download them.


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