How to Transform Your Images to PDF Files for Free?

Converting images to PDF files is pretty simple with the assistance of an accurate converter, but choosing the best one seems a daunting task. Fortunately, we shortlisted a few best and easy-to-navigate ways that are mainly taken into account to save images as PDFs without compromising the quality and formatting.

A Point to Be Noted:

If you have a batch of images and want to print them, you simply have to transform them into a printable file format like PDF. For instant image to pdf conversions online, you simply need to fetch JPG to PDF converter by which lets you make conversions in three different ways.

How to Convert JPG to PDF using MS Print to PDF on Windows?

Thanks to the Print function in Windows OS that is mainly used to transform one or a batch of images into PDF files without any quality distraction.

  • Navigate to the “File Explorer” and fetch the folder that contains images for proceeding with pictures to PDF file conversions. Right after that, you need to make a selection for the images that you decided to combine (merge) with this program
  • After a selection of the images, just make right-click on them to fetch the option to Print
  • Under the Print options, you need to make a choice with the “Microsoft Printer to PDF ”. Fortunately, this program lets you navigate with the option for setting the images on an individual (single) page or on multiple pages. Besides that, you can proceed with using an online PDF editor in order to transform your multiple image files into an independent PDF page corresponding to your preferred order
  • Hit the Print option and also the Windows prompt that enables saving the Print Output. Thankfully, you have done all, add the name for the generated PDF files and press the Save

How to Convert Image to PDF using MS Word?

Microsoft Word program is the perfect source that lets you rearrange multiple images prior to converting them into PDF document format. The below-mentioned steps let you transform one or a couple of images to PDF without any hassle:

  • To start, you need to open the Microsoft Word program on your system and navigate to the new document option. Next, move to the header of this program and find the insert option. Now, proceed further with the selection of the insert pictures from the different folders or drives
  • Right after picture insertion, use the handles option for adjusting the image sizes. Moreover, this program entertains you with different formatting tools “Word Tables” for altering the layout of the inserted images corresponding to your desired
  • Very next, navigate to the File > Export option to attain the option for creating a PDF or XPS document. This is where you can export the existing images on the MS Word program as a searchable/editable PDF document file

How to Convert Image to PDF Swiftly on Mac?

No matter how many images you have to convert into PDF, the below-mentioned steps lets you make conversions for all on the Mac operating system:

  • First, you need to launch the Finder and choose the existing photo file that you want to insert (add) into a PDF. Very next, drag the image files or just make a selection for them by just holding down the Command Key and start selecting the photos one-by-one
  • Once you entirely select the photos, make right-click on them and navigate further by choosing the open with option. Now, here you attain the Preview option from the given drop-down menu
  • Once your inserted photos are shown in the Preview, you can easily drag the thumbnail of the photos and simply start arranging them in your desired order for your Adobe PDF document. If you decided to change (alter) the orientation of the different pages, then choose the Rotate option from the given toolbar option
  • Right after that, you ought to move to the menu bar and make a selection with the Print under File. Finally, you have done well all, Hit Save as PDF button to get the created PDF file

How to Convert Image to PDF Online?

Converting one or bulk image files into independent PDFs is pretty simple with the use of an online converter. Here we are going to reveal a few best sources, fetch them right now and start exporting your images as PDFs for free of cost.


iLovePDF is a super-fast source packed with a well-organized interface to deal with PDF conversions and management. It also offers a full-fledged JPG to PDF converter that does not involve huge manual intervention for turning image files into PDFs online.  But, to make limitless conversions, you ought to stick with its subscription plan right now.


Xodo PDF is one of the best web-based programs that lets you fetch out much from your existing PDF files. You can make to and from PDF document conversions for free of cost without any hassle while keeping the original quality. Besides that, you can compress, merge, and split PDFs without compromising the formatting. It is indicated as an ultimate option to save images as PDFs online without a sign-up process.


You can now make audio, video, image, document, pdf, and eBook file conversions for free of cost with the assistance of the online converter. It is referred to as the expert’s choice web-based online file conversion utility that does not let its users stick with huge manual intervention to attain results. Its JPG to PDF converter allows you to process photo to pdf conversions in three different ways for free of cost: convert each image file as a separate pdf, store (merge) all images into a single PDF, and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning for image text extraction and store it into PDF.


This is another full-fledged and user-friendly online file converter source that takes minimal effort to make file conversion. No hidden charges and daunting steps are involved to transform your existing image to PDF format. Once you get the transformed PDF file, you can export it into another compatible format with this online assistance.

Thankfully, you attained some best ways for transforming your image files into PDFs without any distractions regarding quality and formatting. Good Luck!

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