Imran Ashraf Divorce Details Revealed By Kiran Ashfaq

For the first time, Kiran discussed the events behind her divorce from Imran Ashraf in detail. According to her, the couple’s split was not caused by a single incident. She did her best to handle everything since her mother did not want her to have a divorce, she added. She received the divorce papers on the same day that her father was hospitalized in Malaysia. His return home was met by an ambulance stationed outside her house. Every member of the woman’s family feels the effects of her decision to divorce in Pakistan.

Story Behind

She previously wed Imran Ashraf, and the two of them had a son named Roham, whom they prioritized above all else. Kiran is now content with her life after getting married again. The actress discussed the difficulties of her first marriage and the impact of divorce on her family during an interview with the Non-Stop podcast.

Kiran discussion

In addition, Kiran said that she had no desire to tie the knot ever again. She wasn’t healthy enough, and she was having fits. She went on to say that even though her Iddat had already been performed when she announced her divorce.

And She still the object of harassment when she flew to Malaysia following the breakup. Remarrying was something she agreed to because of her father’s illness and concerns.

Relationships of Famous People

The Ashfaque-Ashraf divorce illustrates how difficult it is for famous people to keep their private relationships private when they are the center of public attention. We look at the bigger picture to see what other famous people may learn from this divide and what effects it has on the public.

Kiran went on to say that Imran Ashraf is an amazing dad who does a wonderful job taking care of his kid Roham. Thus, he is undeniably an excellent father to Roham.


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