What Industries Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking?

Could fleet tracking help your company? For the management of fleets of all sizes—and across all industries—GPS fleet tracking has evolved into a necessary tool.

More and more companies are coming to understand the advantages of GPS fleet tracking for managing their equipment and vehicles.

Here are just a handful of the sectors that profit from GPS Technologies’ fleet tracking services.

Companies that Provide Fleet Tracking Services


You probably already use GPS for planting, growing, and harvesting. GPS tracking systems also used to find stolen equipment and monitor inexperienced equipment operators.

Auto Service and Sales

To send the nearest driver to a service call, click here. Use GPS to track nearby available drivers.

Laundry and cleaning

Customers of commercial laundry services require prompt delivery in order for them to remain in operation. You can ensure that you pick up and deliver at times that you know will be convenient for your customers by always knowing where your pick-up and delivery vehicles are.


Truck fleets now come standard-equipped with telematic tracking devices. Informatics can assist with real-time tracking of cars and cargo as well as supervisory monitoring of driver behavior, including speed, speeding, start-up and shut-down times, idling, routes taken to destinations, overnight parking places, and excursions outside predetermined geofences.

GPS monitoring devices from Seeworld.com can keep track of your fleet’s operating readiness and alert you to impending repair needs, such as low tire pressure or an engine problem. They provide you a way to find your operators in case they want immediate assistance and they record good driver performance that you’ll want to recognize. You can check its product on manufacturer’s website.

Construction Tools

If you work as a builder, your equipment represents a considerable investment. Over 97 percent of potential thefts can be prevented by combining GPS tracking with a virtual security guard.

Electrical and Utilities

Massive repair operations and the type of coordination that is required for widespread power outages only be achieved using GPS telematics to a central dispatch center.

When monitoring your consolidated fleets, GPS technology can help you integrate many tracking systems into a single display. And on a daily basis, GPS is crucial for assigning the appropriate team to the appropriate work.

Medical Emergency Services

Time management is crucial in medical emergencies. The shortest and safest path may be selected using GPS, which can be connected with your software to assist dispatchers in locating emergency vehicles.


Nobody likes giving their clients a four-hour timeframe for when their service guy will show up. The most nearby service teams dispatched to the most urgent calls using GPS tracking technology, and you can watch their progress throughout the day’s schedule in real-time.

Maintenance of the Lawn and Landscaping

Want to monitor your equipment beyond business hours? You can find out where your equipment spends the night and where it is used during the day by using GPS tracking.

Prescription delivery

Time is always of the essence while delivering medications. The recipients of your pharmacy’s medications cannot wait about all day expecting that your delivery person will arrive, and they cannot be exposed to heat or cold. You can speed up pharmaceutical delivery to clients who are in a hurry with the use of GPS tracking.


Plumbers have a ton of opportunity during freezes and floods, but only if they can get to their clients first. While ensuring that all clients receive the timely assistance they require, GPS tracking enables you to direct your workers to the most urgent (and lucrative) calls.

By using GPS monitoring, you can only pay your workers for the actual time they spend working and not for the time they spend getting from one project to another.

Highway Assistance

Do you have a fleet of automobiles with roadside assistance? In order to match damaged cars with repair vans and get them back in operation as quickly as feasible, GPS is essential.

Do you provide broad public roadside assistance? You depend on GPS to locate your clients and send them service vehicles or wreckers with the least amount of delay.


A break-in alarm requires your attention. GPS tracking may assist you trace stolen goods and estimate the time that backup will arrive in addition to letting you know where the security problem is. Your personnel can respond to events more quickly and provide better follow-up information using GPS tracking.

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