iPhone frozen or hanged? How to unlock your frozen iPhone?

iPhone frozen or hanged? How to unlock your frozen iPhone? Here are simple tips once your iPhone got stuck at any screen and doesn’t respond on swipes or taps. It usually happens with iPhone users a lot of times that phone stops responding suddenly and on your hard tries still it never response. It doesn’t work no matter how hard you try consequently your phone seems frozen and unusable many times. The very first thing that you wanted is to restart the device. Unlike other devices you can’t take out back cover and instantly take a battery out to get your work done. For iPhone users it is tricky. We hope by following our guide lines you can resolve your iPhone frozen related issues. We are trying here to resolve common issues normally iPhone users face by considering most asked questions.

Q1) What if iPhone get stuck when and only uses one specific app?

If the device stucks or screen freezes only when one of the apps is used then it is better to uninstall that application from your iPhone. Either you can try to install that necessary app again or you can find any substitute for that.

Q2) Iphone is working properly but touch is not working on tapping. What to do?

Check is there any resistance. That means you should check if your hands are wet or dry. Water moisture becomes resistance in this case. Screen can’t response if your hands are not dry.

Q3) Does iPhone screen response while wearing gloves?

Usually not! There are special gloves which are made for this purpose. They have light stuff which easily works for iPhone device. But mostly gloves are not.

Q4) Does a screen protector also trouble in touch response of device?

Yes, it does. iPhone devices has very sensitive touch screen response. It should be considered if your iPhone at times stops responding on your tapping and swipes because of dusty or dirty screen protector. Try after removing protector. Also keep your screen always clean by giving it a simple wipe with clean cloth.

iPhone unlock
iPhone unlock tip

Q5) How to restart if none of above causes are applicable for your phone?

Hold down the circular Home button and the On/Off (Sleep/Wake) button at the same time for around 10 seconds. This will restart the device and should restore the screen to full working order.  And for more extreme issue it is better to reset the device to its factory setting.



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