IPL 2018 Match Spectators throw shoes on player during match


IPL match CSK VS KNN – Protestor throw shoes over the Players on Chennai

Spectators throw shoes on the players during IPL match 2018 in Chennai. They were protested against injustice division of water and show their anger for IPL. They were protesting against the cancellation of IPL.

During the third match of the IPL between Chennai Super King and Kolkata Knight Riders. There was mismanagement in the match which results in an embarrassing mishap. During the match, some spectators throw shoes on the Chennai players who were doing fielding near filed. The Players on which they throw shoes were Ravindra Jadeja and Fof Dapples. After this shameful incident, the management takes the person out of the ground and was arrested at the same time.

ipl conflict

The incident was happening in the response of some political issues. The protestors were holding black flags, wearing black dresses and shoes. In Chennai, an inhabitant of Tamil Nadu was very aggressive about the unequal division of the water in their region. They choose a different way of protest and intestinally entered in the ground. During the 8th over of the match in which Kolkata Nightriders were bating, three people throw the shoes over the players. They were trying to show their anger for the injustice and problems that have to face due to lack of water. They were protesting in the favor of the cancellation of the IPL series.

According to some protestor, they said that the government spends a lot of money on this IPL (Indian Premier League) and busy in this league. Instead of the water issue, they have to face. As the result of this injustice, they have to choose this path and direct the attention of the government towards them sues. There was a serious clash between police and the people of Chennai. The management was unable to control the public. Some political parties were not in favor of holding the match in the Chennai. As a result, the first home ground match for Chennai left unpleasant memories for all the players.

ipl protest

Resources said that the players have a serious security issue while playing in Chennai due to some political crises. They said that players should not play in the Chennai anymore. Although the management has been received assurance from the police that they will help them to provide maximum security and they promised that no such incident will happen again.

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