Iqrar ul Hassan: The Journalist Who Exposes The Truth

Iqrar ul Hassan is a Pakistani television journalist and host who has become a household name due to his fearless reporting style and dedication to uncovering the truth. He is known for his popular show “Sar-e-Aam” on ARY News, where he exposes corruption, social injustice, and other issues plaguing Pakistani society.

Early Life and Career

He was born on May 29, 1984, in Lahore, Pakistan. He completed his education at the Government College University in Lahore and started his career as a journalist in 2006, working for various newspapers and television channels.

The Journey to “Sar-e-Aam”

He joined ARY News in 2011, where he started working on a new show called “Khufia” (Secrets), which aimed to expose corruption in government departments. However, it was his next show, “Sar-e-Aam,” that made him a household name in Pakistan.

“Sar-e-Aam”: Exposing the Truth

“Sar-e-Aam” is a weekly investigative journalism show hosted by Iqrar ul Hassan. The show’s aim is to uncover the truth about various issues plaguing Pakistani society, including corruption, social injustice, and crime. Iqrar ul Hassan and his team use hidden cameras. And other tactics to expose wrongdoings and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Notable Investigations

Over the years, “Sar-e-Aam” has exposed several high-profile cases of corruption and social injustice in Pakistan. Some of the notable investigations include:

Fake Pir Scandal

In 2014, Iqrar ul Hassan and his team exposed a fake pir (spiritual leader) who was exploiting vulnerable people by claiming to perform miracles. The investigation led to the arrest of the fake pir and the rescue of several hostages.

Child Labor in Brick Kilns

In 2016, “Sar-e-Aam” uncovered the widespread use of child labor in brick kilns across Pakistan. The investigation led to the rescue of dozens of children and the arrest of several brick kiln owners.

Illegal Organ Trade

In 2018, Iqrar ul Hassan and his team exposed a network involved in the illegal organ trade in Lahore. The investigation led to the arrest of several people, including doctors and hospital staff.


Iqrar ul Hassan’s fearless reporting style has often landed him in hot water. Over the years, he has encountered a number of controversies, including:

Sting Operation on Sindh Assembly

In 2014, Iqrar ul Hassan and his team conducted a sting operation on the Sindh Assembly, where they were able to enter the assembly with a fake bomb. The sting operation led to a major controversy, with the government accusing Iqrar ul Hassan of endangering the lives of lawmakers.

Controversial Marriage Proposal

In 2016, he proposed to his wife on live television during the show “Sar-e-Aam.” The proposal led to a major controversy, with many accusing Iqrar ul Hassan of using the show for personal gain.

Awards and Recognition

Iqrar ul Hassan’s dedication to investigative journalism has earned him several awards and recognition, including:

Pride of Performance Award

In 2018, he was awarded the Pride of Performance Award by the President of Pakistan in recognition of his services to journalism.

Ramzan Transmission Award

In 2019, Iqrar ul Hassan won the Ramzan Transmission Award at the Pakistan International Screen Awards for his hosting of the Ramzan Transmission on ARY Digital.


What inspired Iqrar ul Hassan to become a journalist?

He was inspired to become a journalist after seeing the impact of media on society and the power it had to bring about change.

Has Iqrar ul Hassan ever faced danger while reporting?

Yes, he has faced danger while reporting, including threats and physical harm.

What is the significance of “Sar-e-Aam”?

“Sar-e-Aam” is a groundbreaking show that has helped to expose corruption and social injustice in Pakistani society.

What kind of investigations does “Sar-e-Aam” focus on?

“Sar-e-Aam” focuses on investigations related to corruption, social injustice, and crime in Pakistani society.

What awards has Iqrar ul Hassan received?

He has received several awards, including the Pride of Performance Award and the Ramzan Transmission Award.


Iqrar ul Hassan’s dedication to investigative journalism and his fearless reporting style have made him a respected and admired journalist in Pakistan. Through his show “Sar-e-Aam,” he has brought attention to several important issues and has helped to bring justice to those who have been wronged. Although he has faced controversy and criticism, he remains committed to his mission of uncovering the truth and serving the people of Pakistan.




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