Javed Afridi reveals MG HS PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid) for Pakistan| Specs & Details

Javed Afridi, the CEO of Haier Pakistan reveals the news of MG HS PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid) within the country. Afridi’s latest tweet features the video and images of brand new MG HS PHEV.

Also, Afridi asks for the public’s opinion regarding the price of the car.

Many of the fresher’s in automotive industry of Pakistan have gained public’s attention but Morris Garages (MG) Pakistan has been in the first row. Undoubtedly, new model is a handsome-looking vehicle seems to be designed on styling cues from European vehicles.

About MG HS PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid)

MG HS PHEV comprises of two driving systems: the internal combustion engine and electric motor for the better driving experience. With advancement in Space lights Fields taillights, LED projector headlights and Sequential turning lights, the new model is set to be favorite to many.

Specifications of MG HS PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid)


The eye-catching design seems to come with unparalleled driving experience with Soft Touch material. The international versions comprise of Sport Bucket Seats which gives a greater plus to the interior beauty of vehicle. The NVH Luxury Silence Space system which is a soundproofing system for making noise-free, private journey. Also, the 90% wide-open sunroof addends in the beauty with panoramic view. A 12” full virtual dashboard makes it distinctive in premium automobile sector.


The new model seems to be based on sporting heritage with beautiful exterior. A large MG logo can be seen on the front yield grill. An aluminum lower bumper gives car a beautiful sports car finish. Additionally, the beautifully embedded stylish daytime lights enhance the beauty of the car.

Plug-In Hybrid System

Plug-In Hybrid System allows car to be charged with a plug. Larger battery and electric motor in the vehicle helps it to run on electric power alone. Additionally, with Zero CO2 emission, it is an environment-friendly vehicle. The system allows car to consume less fuel cost and offers superior driving range.

Advanced Safety options

With intelligent and refined safety options, MG HS PHEV is to maximize the safety during the drive journey. Around view monitor along with advanced protection system, gives 25 intelligent safety options to bring peaceful journey.

Performance & Efficiency

The new model comes with a 55 km/liter fuel consumption rate which enhances the performance and efficiency rate. Acceleration 0-100 km within 7.1 seconds, which is absolutely mind-blowing. Moreover, a 370 Nm of torque provides supreme power efficient for user and planet.

Expected Price of MG HS PHEV

The price range of new model has not been revealed yet. However, Javed Afridi asked public about its expected price. People are guessing different price ranges, some are of the view that vehicle is of 3 million rupees, others expect it to be of 6-7 million and some are guessing it to be 5.5-6 million.

Stay connected for further details which are coming soon!

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Amna Ansar
Amna Ansar
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