Jazz Monthly Browser Internet Bundle | 2100 MB in just Rs. 160

Jazz Monthly Browser Internet Bundle | 2100 MB in just Rs. 160

Brand: Jazz
Category: Jazz 4G Internet Packages
  • Charges: Rs. 160
  • Subscription Code: Dial *117*77#
  • Un-Subscription: -
  • Internet: 2100 MB
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Time Bar:

Jazz 4G and Warid present an exciting internet package with very fast internet speed, named as Jazz Monthly Browser Internet Bundle offer. With this internet bundle, you can enjoy 2100 MB of internet data for browsing with very high speed on and on for up to 30 days. The validity for this package is 30 days. You can subscribe and unsubscribe it by dialing *117*77#.

At an unrivaled price, the Jazz Monthly Browser Internet Bundle opens the door to an endless online adventure. A treasure trove of 2100 MB is yours for just Rs. 160, giving you unparalleled freedom and flexibility to roam the digital realm.

Users can freely explore the vastness of the internet, making new connections, growing their knowledge, and uncovering hitherto unknown frontiers, all thanks to this special offer. With the Jazz Monthly Browser Internet Bundle, you’ll never be disconnected, whether you’re researching, playing games, or just enjoying all the current trends online.

Say goodbye to data limits and hello to Jazz’s limitless adventure realm. For only Rs. 160, you can subscribe now and have 2100 MB of unlimited data and web surfing pleasure. Jazz will take your internet experience to new heights, expand your horizons when you browse, and take you on an adventure you’ve never had before.


Package Name

Package Name Jazz Monthly Browsing Internet Bundle

Package Details

Charges Rs. 160
Internet 2100 MB
Subscription Code Dail *117*77#
Package Timing 30 days
Validity 30 days
Terms & Conditions This package is only for prepaid customers.
The package will automatically re-subscribed with the charge of Rs.5 after every 24 hours.
This bundle can be subscribed in the area where there is 2G/3G/4G coverage.
The rate of checking the remaining data is just Rs. 0.06.


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